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"Reinventing reliability for the rotating equipment industry"

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Reliability differentiates itself from many other mechanical seal suppliers by its investment in state-of-the-art CNC machine tool technology and product innovation.


mechanical seal designers

All products and components are engineered through their 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD) system to optimize fit-for-purpose functionality.


5 million inventory sealing permutations

REI strategically hold a large level of inventory so that they can deliver exceptional customer service.


world class engineering

Reliability Engineering Industries operates an accredited ISO9001 quality management system for the design, manufacture and supply of mechanical seals and seal support systems.

Reinventing Reliability
98.4% On Time Delivery
115 Standard Seal Designs
5 Million Sealing Permutations
24-7 Customer Service

Why Partner With Us?

Analysis & Research

Our innovative products use premium materials manufactured on process capable equipment.


We have built a strong reputation for supplying the right product to the right timescale.


Increased equipment up-time by selecting the right product for your application.

Reliability Engineering Industries design and development team

Skilled, Qualified and Experienced Personnel (SQEP)

Design & Development

Correct technical product selection is critical for application success.

If you attempt to use a formula one racing car on an off-road dirt track, or use a tractor on the express way, the result will not be good.

It is exactly the same in mechanical seal selection. Selecting the correct seal face materials, elastomers and seal design is fundamental for application sealing success.

Correct product selection is largely dependent on partnering with a company which employs skilled, knowledgeable and experienced people who can make timely, sound decisions to maximise the client value-added experience.

24-7 support


Process equipment breakdown requires urgent supplier reaction. Murphy's law states that if something can go wrong it will go wrong exactly when you don't want it.

Unpredictable equipment breakdown is, by its very nature, unpredictable.

When a customer process line is down and losing thousands of Dollars / Euros / Lach Rupees per hour that customer needs a supply partner that is ready and mobilized to provide exceptional customer service.

24-7 manufacturing support is critical to providing urgent customer support.

Seal Manufacturing Process
Seal Repair and Refurbishment

Repair & Refurbishing

Refurbishing all makes of mechanical seal provides client peace of mind.

Over time, large process plants accumulate a variety of mechanical seals types in both their store and in operational service, installed on rotating equipment. This can create a major headache for plant engineers.

Reliability Engineering provides a turnkey seal and pump refurbishment service to remove plant operative headaches and ensure our customers get the high levels of customer service they need and require, irrespective of seal type and make.


Standard Seal Designs


Inventory Sealing Permutations


On time Delivery Performance


Customer Service

Blog & News

Stay ahead in pharmaceutical tech with our Techno Blog! Explore the latest trends, news, and events.

Good Design Principles DO NOT need to be Abandoned

Good Design Principles DO NOT need to be Abandoned

In life, good design can be appreciated no matter what the environment or context. Mechanical seal design is no different.

What are the benefits of API682 seals

What are the benefits of API682 seals

API 682 is a standard which defines best practice mechanical seal technology. This blog helps to explain the benefits of the API 682 standard.

Choosing the Right Mechanical Seal for Your Application

Choosing the Right Mechanical Seal for Your Application

Selecting the appropriate mechanical seal is crucial for ensuring the efficiency and reliability of industrial equipment. The right seal can prevent leaks, reduce maintenance costs, and extend the lifespan of machinery.

“We are very grateful and proud of the customer supply partnerships we have forged over the years.”
Dandeep V. Gopineedi
Sandeep V. Gopineedi,
Reliability Engineering Managing Director
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Why Partner With Us?

Exceptional Customer Service:
We have built a strong reputation for supplying the right product to the right timescale.