Reiuptime-Equipment Healthcare

'reiuptime' is a customer equipment healthcare initiative that Reliability operate for channel supply customer contracts and partnerships.

This reliability, reiuptime customer service model involves our engineers periodically walking the plant, monitoring the performance of the clients rotating plant equipment.

We track a variety of operational characteristics including the equipment's sealing/leaking status, it's temperature at various points and vibration. This is compiled into our app's with an aim to support plant engineers by provide an early indication of potential future issues. These issues can then be addressed through preventative maintenance, upgrades and/or changing the equipment operating environment.    

Through aligned client-supplier reviews and actions, the aim of the reiuptime program is to improve the plant Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF), eliminate seal leakage and environmental hazards and increase process production efficiencies and cost savings.

Does your incumbent seal supplier offer this service?

..... If not, give REI a call to discuss this further. Ultimately, the reiuptime program will remove plant rotating equipment headaches; so that has got to be worth a call.

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