Assembly & Testing

Each Reliability Engineering Industries (REI) mechanical seal goes through a thorough post-assembly checklist before dispatch. This ensures the product is totally fit for purpose when it leaves the factory.

The checklist involves comprehensive inspection elements including a static pressure test, serial number identification and plug gauge checks to ensure the product can fit on the shaft.

Once complete, the seal build inspection checklist is signed off by the inspector and seal build work instruction bar-code scanned for updates into the companies Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) business system.

In addition to product development testing, Reliability conduct hydro-dynamic testing for bespoke and process critical customer applications, where product validation and/or factory acceptance testing (FAT) is required.

Our dynamic testing regime is rigorous and involves logging operational performance characteristics during the test as well as pre and post test inspections and checks.

Our Reliability products do exactly 'what they says on the tin'.

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