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Reliability's 35,000sqft Headquarters - Hyderabad

Reliability Engineering Industries Pvt. Ltd. is located in Hyderabad, India in the heartland of the pharmaceutical industry sector.

We operate from a 35,000sqft dedicated reliability facility, using advanced manufacturing methods, innovative processes and procedures, underwritten by a continuous training and investment program.

Headquarters at Hyderabad

Reliability Focused Solutions

Reliability does exactly 'what it says on the tin' - we focus on reliability-focused, sustainable improvement solutions which provide significant client value-adding benefits.

Our core products range from bearing isolators and mechanical seals to convection-based seal support systems and complex forced circulation systems.

We are specialists at designing and manufacturing sealing solutions for demanding process applications which involve rotational and axial movement, stop/start equipment cycles and difficult product media's including slurries.

In summary, we have a reliability-focused solution for your application

RBW-125 Rotary Pusher Wet (RPW) Single Cartridge Seal

Knowledge Improves Decision Making

The five words that help our employees make better customer focused decisions are;
'Training, Training and more Training'

At Reliability Engineering Industries we aim to develop our people to achieve their highest potential within our business as this reflects positively on their workplace behaviour and actions.

From the Reliability sales and service teams to our designer team, our quality assurance inspectors to our computer aided manufacturing (CAM) engineers, we engage with internal and external training to improve employee knowledge.


Our Customer Service

We aim to deliver the best service in the industry.

Our business has built a reputation for extraordinary customer service, and as such we employ people who care passionately about servicing customers in whatever role they have within our business.

Our engineers are available 24-7-365 to help, advise and assist you selecting, sourcing, installing and commissioning suitable sealing solutions which exceed your needs and expectations.

Customer Service

Our Purpose

Simply put, we aim to be your most valued and value-adding supply partner; addressing plant reliability to optimise equipment and process uptime. Everything we do or plan to do, across the breadth and depth of our organization is done with this objective in mind. For example;

- our products are designed to be innovative and reliability enhancing
- our processes are designed to reduce human error
- our team is trained and experienced in mechanical seal application engineering, and
- our investment in stock and product modularity, helps us to deliver in industry-leading timescales.

Reliability Enhancing Apps

Our reliability enhancing applications add real value to engineers, procurement officers, managers and reliability professionals as they effectively aid in the selection of the correct sealing solution for the processed chemical/fluid media.

Our applications also permit plant-wide or company-wide tracking of equipment mean time between failures (MTBF); recording equipment failure history so that proven reliable solutions can be rolled out across single and multiple customer sites.

Our technological apps facilitate our value-adding client partnership approach

Meet the Team

A business is only as good as the processes it employs. We operate a company-wide ERP business system which is dedicated to assisting our employees in providing extraordinary customer service.

Meet the Team

Why Partner With Us?

Exceptional Customer Service:
We have built a strong reputation for supplying the right product to the right timescale.