Double Cartridge: RPW-515

Double Cartridge: RPW-515
Double Cartridge: RPW-515
Double Cartridge: RPW-515
Double Cartridge: RPW-515
Double Cartridge: RPW-515

Double Cartridge: RPW-515

The RPW-515 is a multi-spring, hydraulically balanced double cartridge seal with barrier fluid quench & drain ports and secondary O-RING seals.

Rotary Pusher Wet (RPW) Double (515) Cartridge Seal has Shrink Fitted seal faces is designed for use with parallel rotating equipment shafts.

The design has a number of innovative design features comes with Multi-Springs for even face loading. The cartridge seal is Set Screw Driven and has a Quench and Drain port connection for connection to a seal support system. The gland also incorporates a Flush connection.

The seal has a number of design features and comes factory assembled and tested.

Design Features:

  • Large 3/8" NPT port connections
  • Cartridge seal design for ease of installation. Seal faces are pre-set so, unlike component seals, there is no change of operator setting face load incorrectly
  • Comes with Quench, Drain and Flush Connections as standard
  • Available in a large range of seal face materials to suit all applications.
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Supply/Design Characteristics
Seal Shaft Sizes
20mm - 150mm (1.000"-6.000")
System Vessel Size
Inboard Seal Face Combination
Car/TC, Car/SiC, TC/TC, TC/SiC, SiC/SiC
Outboard Seal Face Combination
Car/TC, Car/SiC
Secondary Sealing
Inboard Wetted Parts
316 Stainless Steel
Viton, ERP, Aflas, Kalrez
Shaft Speeds
up to 20m/s
up to 20 barg process fluid, 16 barg (232 psig) barrier fluid - Shaft Size Specific
Pipework & Fittings
Plan 52 and Plan 53
up to 180 deg C

WARNING: The  Safe seal performance characteristics are typical characteristics for each variable in isolation. The individual upper limit values of each variable should NOT be used in multiple combinations of Speed, Pressure and Temperature.

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