REI Multi-Spring Component Seals
June 1, 2022

REI Multi-Spring Component Seals

Reliability Engineering Industries (REI) offer a wide range of multi-spring component mechanical seals in a variety of design types and seal sizes.

Many our of multi-spring component seal designs are equipment specific and/or fully interchange with alternate seals supplied by other parties. Therefore if you have a specific competitor seal model or pump model and you can not find a REI solution on our website, please contact our technical sales department as they have a seal 'conversion list / app'.

REI's multi-spring component seals include designs with monolithic and shrink-fit seal faces and clamped and friction driven drive-collars.

  • Multi-Spring: IPW-021
  • Multi-Spring: IPW-022
  • Multi-Spring: RPW-012

Please contact our Technical Sales department for further information.

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