Big and Beautiful Systems
May 10, 2023

Big and Beautiful Systems

"Mechanical seals are only as good as the environment you put them in"

Everyone understands that you will struggle to drive a Formula One sports car on an off-road, dirt track.

Equally, a Jeep 4x4 will not be the fastest car around a Grand Prix circuit.

Technology is only good if it is placed in a suitable environment and mechanical seals are no different!

Mechanical seals have one or more sets of seal faces that typically run on a fluid flilm. This fluid film is a micron gap that helps to lubricate and cool the mechanical seal faces, therefore helping to provide sealing longevity.

Seal support systems are a vital part of the high-end sealing solution for rotating equipment uptime.

Reliability Engineering Industries (REISEALS) has a range of large 28L Seal Support Systems that provide an ideal supply of cooling fluid to the mechanical seal faces.

Check out these big beauties! ... 28L water management systems and 28L thermal control systems.

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