Bellows Component Seals Overview
November 7, 2022

Bellows Component Seals Overview

Reliability Engineering Industries (REI) offer a wide range of bellows component mechanical seals including;

  • Rubber bellows
  • Teflon bellows, and
  • Metal bellows

Our bellows component seal designs are offered in a variety of design configurations, seal types, materials  and seal sizes. Bellows seals are typically employed to eliminate a semi-dynamic (sliding) elastomer as used on a pusher seal design.

Bellows seals are therefore particularly advantageous on applications involving chemicals (Teflon bellows) and process temperature (metal bellows) or low-duty applications (rubber bellows).

Some of our bellows range include;

  • Rubber Bellows: RBT-10
  • Rubber Bellows: RBT-11
  • Rubber Bellows: RBT-12
  • Rubber Bellows: RBT-13
  • Teflon Bellows: EMD-30
  • Teflon Bellows: EMD-31
  • Teflon Bellows: EMD-32
  • Metal Bellows - RBW-021

Please review the type specific information for further details or contact our Technical Sales department.

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