REI Sales and Service Engineer Presence
April 3, 2023

REI Sales and Service Engineer Presence

Reliability Engineering Industries (REI) are very passionate about providing high levels of customer service.

Everything done at REI is reviewed to see if it will add value to our clients and improve the customer service provided.

One of the main factors in providing exceptional customer service is the 'client response time'.

Unfortunately, unplanned issues and events happen in all manufacturing disciplines. The impact of such to high-end sectors such as the Pharmaceutical and Chemical clients can not be underestimated.

Rotating equipment leakage and failure stops the production line. Quick supplier response providing credible solutions, is therefore essential.

REI have more than 50 engineers across the whole of India, customer-facing, on the ground, providing sales and service support on a 24hour / 7 day a week basis.

Not only does this ensures REI respond to clients when unplanned production events occur, but most importantly, it allows REI engineers to 'walk the plant". Monitor and track equipment performance and this fix issues BEFORE failure arises.

If you want to speak to us about helping your plant increase your equipment reliability, please contact your nearest REI sales branch.

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