REI receive Jubilant Partnership Award for Services
December 1, 2022

REI receive Jubilant Partnership Award for Services

Reliability Engineering Industries (REI) are the proud recipient of an 'Outstanding Partner in Services' award from Jubilant, India.

Jubilant Pharmova, is headquartered in Noida, near New Delhi and has process plants across India. The Jubilant plants in Nanjangud and Mysore in Karnataka recognised the customer service of REI at the prestigious award ceremony.

"The Outstanding Partner in Service" was awarded to REI in recognition of

  • reduced maintenance expenditure,
  • increased MTBF,
  • reduced MTBR, and
  • increased uptime which facilitated sustained reliability of the plant year on year.

Mr. Sudharkar G. from REI, pictured to the left, said, "We are very proud and grateful to have received this customer service award from such a prestigious client as Jubilant. We work very hard to provide all our clients with exceptional customer service".

Sudharkar continued, "We design, manufacture and install an incredible range of mechanical seals and seal support systems, with the sole aim to increase plant mean time between failures/leakage. If the clients equipment runs longer without issue or failure, then their production has the ability to be maximised which, in turn makes the client more competitive or profitable in their respective markets".

If you would like to hear how REI can improve you plant performance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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