Single Cartridge: SPW131

Single Cartridge: SPW131
Single Cartridge: SPW131
Single Cartridge: SPW131
Single Cartridge: SPW131
Single Cartridge: SPW131

Single Cartridge: SPW131

The SPW131 is a single cartridge mechanical seal with integral vortex breakers in the gland plate design to fit small x-sectional spaces, typically in accordance with API610 Ed.5 onwards.

The seal design is offered as a complete cartridge mechanical seal solution and is designed for API Plan31 arrangements, with process fluids containing suspended particles and solids.

Design Features include;

  • Flush orifice for Plan 31. Important: The flush orifice does not "shot-blast" the stationary seal face, if the flush liquid contains particles/soilds.
  • Large Seal port orifices - 1/2" NPT.
  • Gland plate with integral vortex breakers
  • Compact single stationary cartridge seal design - short inboard and outboard lengths.
  • Designed to fit into small x-sectional seal chambers.
  • Multi-spring design, with springs out of the process media.
  • Hydraulic and pressure balance seal face technology for optimum performance.
  • Monolithic seal faces for improved high temperature performance
  • Used in conjunction with the Reliability seals Plan 31 Cyclone Separator system and Sample collection pot.
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Supply/Design Characteristics
Seal Shaft Sizes
System Vessel Size
Inboard Seal Face Combination
TC/TC - Car / TC - Ant.Car/RB SiC
Outboard Seal Face Combination
Spiral Wound S/S, Graphite
Secondary Sealing
Viton, Alfas, ERP, Kalrez
Inboard Wetted Parts
316 S/S
Shaft Speeds
upto 4,000rpm
up to 25 Barg
Used in conjunction with a Plan 31 piping system
Pipework & Fittings
up to 150deg C

This innovative Plan 31 single cartridge stationary seal is designed around best practice technology. Please see our Blog section for technical white papers on the design principles incorporated.