Labyrinth Seal: LAB-100

Labyrinth Seal: LAB-100
Labyrinth Seal: LAB-100
Labyrinth Seal: LAB-100
Labyrinth Seal: LAB-100
Labyrinth Seal: LAB-100

Labyrinth Seal: LAB-100

The LAB-100 is a high performance Labyrinth Seal certified to IP69K; the premium standard for the protection of rotating equipment bearing chambers.

This bearing seal will fit small x-sectional spaces, typically where lip seals or oil seals have previously been employed.

Out LAB-100 labyrinth seal design is offered as a complete cartridge solution that installed into the rotating equipment in a similar way to a lip or oil seal.

Design Features include;

  • IP69K certified - provides protection against ingress of dust and high temperature, high pressure water – making the product ideal for use in conditions where equipment must be carefully sanitized
  • Cartridge, one piece solution for ease of installation
  • Bi-metallic material construction for optimum operational performance
  • Inboard oil / bearing fluid repellent orifice
  • Outboard water/dust repellent orifice
  • Integral PTFE barrier seal
  • Twin rotor oring drive which stablises the rotor in operation. This permits 'value-adding' close radial clearance construction between rotor and stator, which improves sealing performance.
  • Compact design - will fit in practically all rotating equipment rotor/stator openings
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Supply/Design Characteristics
Seal Shaft Sizes
System Vessel Size
Inboard Seal Face Combination
Outboard Seal Face Combination
Secondary Sealing
Viton, Alfas, ERP, Kalrez, PTFE
Inboard Wetted Parts
316 S/S, Phoz.Bronze
Shaft Speeds
upto 4,000rpm
Pipework & Fittings
up to 150deg C

This innovative LAB-100 labyrinth seal is designed around best practice technology. Please see our Blog section for technical white papers on the design principles incorporated.