Double Cartridge: SPW682-53

Double Cartridge: SPW682-53
Double Cartridge: SPW682-53
Double Cartridge: SPW682-53
Double Cartridge: SPW682-53
Double Cartridge: SPW682-53

Double Cartridge: SPW682-53

The SPW682-53 is a double cartridge mechanical seal with integral, bi-directional barrier fluid pumping ring. The seal is designed in compliance with API682 seal specification, as employed in the Oil & gas sector.

The innovative stationary seal design is offered as a complete cartridge mechanical seal solution and is designed for API Plan 53A, 53B and 53C arrangements on API610 V8 onwards process pumps.

Design Features include;

  • Large Seal port orifices - 1/2" NPT Barrier Fluid In (BI) and Barrier Fluid Out (BO) orifices for Plan 53 or 52.
  • Barrier fluid is directed to the inboard faces via an integral deflector built into the seal gland. As the barrier outlet is over the outboard faces, effective heat removal occurs at both sets of seal faces
  • Quench In (or Vent) and Quench Drain orifices incorporates for Plan 62. An outboard floating restriction bush controls seal integrity in the event of primary seal failure.
  • Gland plate with integral inboard vortex breakers, for applications including slurry or suspended particle/solids in the process media.
  • Radial clearances between rotary and stationary components conforming to the best practice requirements of API682.
  • Monolithic seal faces for improved high temperature performance
  • Stationary seal design with self-aligning stationary seal face. Ideal for high speed applications,
  • Multi-spring design with springs out of the process fluid.
  • Highly efficient bi-direction barrier fluid pumping ring.
  • Used in conjunction with the Reliability seals Plan 53A, 53B or 53C Seal Support System.
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Supply/Design Characteristics
Seal Shaft Sizes
System Vessel Size
12L and 28L
Inboard Seal Face Combination
TC/TC - Car / TC - Ant.Car/RB SiC - Ant.Car/TC - RB SiC / RB SiC
Outboard Seal Face Combination
Car / TC - Car / RB SiC - Ant.Car/RB SiC - Ant.Car/TC
Spiral Wound S/S, Graphite
Secondary Sealing
Viton, Alfas, ERP, Kalrez
Inboard Wetted Parts
316 S/S (Titanium, Alloy 20, Hastelloy C options)
Shaft Speeds
upto 4,000rpm
up to 40 Barg
Used in conjunction with a Plan 53 piping system
Pipework & Fittings
up to 250deg C

The SPW682-53 is an innovative stationary seal, designed in conformance with requirements of API682.

The seal also incorporates best practice features, as detailed in our technical blogs and white papers.